The One That Got Away

by nmnvillamor

To You

I don’t know how many voicemails I’ve left you, but I’m not keeping count. I’m not going to ask where you are because that would be pointless, seeing that you’ve already cut all contact. Apparently, you just don’t trust me enough… We grew up together, we’ve been together most of our lives, but I guess 18 years of laughter and tears weren’t enough for you, was it?

What happened? Why did you leave just like that?

I was rendered speechless and heartbroken. I felt undeniably betrayed. I thought it was the two of us against the world? Against all odds? I thought I was Bonnie and you were Clyde?

But you left me completely hanging around the corner. And now I’m all alone, picking up the pieces of what you left and trying to place it back together.

I would just like to understand; help me understand what is going on and what you’re trying to prove. If you just so much care for what we had and what we have been through, please, if you care about my sanity– help me understand. Because as much as I want to, believe me I do, I really can’t. There are so many things going on right now, so many emotions that I don’t know where to be begin. If someone just cares enough, help me.

Because to be honest, I am tired of racking my brains out, tired of defending you, tired of believing in you. Although the entirety of your action, I might never and will never understand, I would just like you to know that my love for you will always remain the same. I wont reprimand you because you know very well that no matter how wrong and terrible and shitty this big unexpected gesture you have committed, I respect you and I am here for you in all the days of my life.

But come back up for air too. Please?