All Aboard the Love Train

by nmnvillamor

All Aboard the Love Train

As I have and always been in love with the idea of Prague (my third most favorite place in the world– though I’ve never been), I decided to hit it up on Google just to pass time. And my search has led me to this very interesting article that I know all hopeless romantics would stand in queue for.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Love Train… All aboard!

Basically, officials have deemed it helpful to create train carriages specifically targeted to all the single men and women of Prague so that their search for love could be narrowed down to one secular setting.

Set aside online dating sites, the love train is in the house.

This is actually a pretty good idea… Imagine, a train filled with lust-infested individuals that would want to motorboat on each other. And then you’d meet someone who you will really care about to motorboat with and more. What could be so un-cliched?

But what are they going to do with the creepers and pedophiles who might loiter and attract lovelorn females and gullible transvestites desperate of a hook-up or something? I’m sorry but I just had to say that.

I hope they can fix every loophole before they get this up and running. We don’t want to tell our future grandkids that there was no such thing as a love train now, would we? That would be every child’s nightmare.

(italicized. New Girl Reference)