Sweet Serendipity

by nmnvillamor

After we met at the library, I couldn’t stop thinking about you ever since…

It was the perfect set-up. I was busy doing some research for three of my classes that day. I didn’t have enough sleep because a paper kept me up all night. I was irritated because the books that I should be reading didn’t turn up on the server. And just like a breath of fresh air, you stepped into my life with that perfectly gelled hair of yours that always reminded me a little bit of Harvey’s.

Initially, I didn’t want anything to do with you. I needed to get up on my feet, work fast, think straight and get this all done. But you didn’t let me do that, did you? Instead, you continued to pester me, ask me with questions you thought I knew the answers to. Well, you were right. I did know the answers. One year at the university had me learning all the things that I should learn about. Of course, I didn’t blame you. You’re new. But the problem was, I just didn’t have time for you. Yet funny how fate sometimes pulls the right strings and shoves you right back to where you don’t want to be. I ended up with you anyway.

Turns out, you are taking the same class, under the same professor, but on an earlier time slot, just right before mine. See? I am laughing now.

Finding it convenient to have some company, we set out on a journey to find the book before sun down. We checked again and again and again. But it just wasn’t there. We tried asking the receptionists, but it proved futile. The book didn’t exist. The title and author didn’t match. There was nothing we could do.

We left the library feeling so gloom. I didn’t know what to do next. I don’t want to screw up this term. I promised to do better, to start on a clean slate. I have been given a blank canvass. Now, I must create something wonderful.

But then again, you managed get all those things off of my mind. The second you started talking, I knew I was in trouble. It was innocent. That was what made it scary. You asked about me, about my life, my experiences in the university. I saw it in your eyes… You wanted to know me. Plain and simple. And what made it even scarier was that I actually wanted to know you too.

Fate wanted to be funny the second time around. We were walking down the oval when I asked you where you were headed. Your answer came loud and clear. You were really trying to kill me.

Seeing that we were headed to the same destination anyway (you living in the dorm I am staying) there was no reason why we shouldn’t take the Ikot jeep together. You were charming. You were funny. You weren’t the most attractive out of the bunch but you clean up really good. It was enough for me.

I got to know you too. And I rarely get excited about knowing other people. Unless they share the same interests. Or if they’re Ryan Gosling.

I was about to reach in for my wallet when you decided to play the gentleman card. You offered to pay the fare on my behalf. I didn’t want to owe anyone, especially you, but you very much insisted. I said I’d pay you anyway. But you brushed it off and told me to just write you an I O U paper and we’d be even. I took the courage and offered to pay your fare next time… And you smiled. You want a next time too?

We finally arrived. I can’t wait to exchange contacts and close our story with the proper formalities in order to open a new one. But that didn’t happen. No. You came out as fast as you entered. You got preoccupied with your friends. I have to answer a phone call. Instead of the see yous that we deserve, we were left hanging. Why did you leave it hanging?

Until now, I still think about you. What would’ve happened if we did have each others’ numbers that day? Should we be talking right now? You’re just literally a block away from me. But there’s nothing I can do about that right now.

Would I ever meet you again?

I didn’t even catch your name.