You Are My Best Friend

by nmnvillamor

Since day 1, all I ever wanted was to be there for you. All I ever wanted was to understand you… And to never leave you.

You are my best friend. Not only is it obligatory, but it is also because I want to.

Yet you are making it so hard for all of us. For me.

Where are you? Did you fall off the face of the earth?

I don’t want to be pushed away, to be left in the dark. I don’t want ignored phone calls, unheard voicemails. I am doing you a favor, making an effort, doing everything I can to repair what’s left of both of us.

It’s all just so goddamn hard.

But because I love you, I will try to be here for you even if my phone bills have to pay for it. I will try to understand everything you’re doing and see everything from your perspective. I will try to never ever leave you even when everyone already has… Even when all I just really want to do is to bitch slap you right on the face.

You are my best friend.

I hope you still are…