Happy Father’s Day!

by nmnvillamor

To the wisest, hippest and second most awesome man (me, being the first, not Maegan, me, Maegan’s so lame) that has ever lived, Happy Father’s Day!  

There’s really no other clichéd way to express this but through a media outlet where your colleagues and everyone we know and don’t know witness your 5-minute social network fame because I have somehow flattered your already very inflated ego by dedicating an entire post to you.

I could be saying thank you over and over again and it still wouldn’t be a fraction of how much I am so grateful and blessed for the love, encouragement and trust that you have given me over the years. You have been my first teacher, my first adviser, my first friend, my first date, my first kiss, my first love and no one, not even my super sexy air-bender, wizard, demigod, and secret ninja future husband can take that away. You, and everyone back at home, are the reason why I still get up in the morning, why I still have so many hopes and dreams even when the world continuously punches me in the face, why I don’t let terror professors intimidate me even when all I really want to do is pee on my pants, why I stay at the dorm on Friday nights instead of partying just to finish my homework but I end up lying on my bed until Sunday morning anyway and actually get some of it done…


Daddy, for all the sacrifices, the sleepless nights, the eye-bags, the health problems and the countless of artwork projects, you are and will always be my inspiration and I wouldn’t have it any other. Thank you for offering me the world and always putting my needs above yours. You can never disappoint even when you want to. 

I am the most self-absorbed and most flawed daughter any parent could ever have, but you still love me even in my worst of hair days. And I want you to know that I love you too, from the deepest, innermost cores of this blood-pumping organ that only beats for you and for the family. (And for Ryan Gosling, of course) 

Daddy gwapo, happy father’s day! Try to keep it tight even when you’re on your mid-40s, yeah? Whoop! I should’ve withheld that piece of information. Sorry.